NAKIVO v10.0 產品新功能

NAKIVO v10.0  版本功能說明

VMware vSphere v7.0 Support
NAKIVO Backup & Replication now supports VMware vSphere v7.0

Physical Machine Recovery to VMware VM
To protect mixed physical and virtual IT environments, NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers the Physical to Virtual Machine
Recovery feature. For details, refer to Physical to Virtual Machine Recovery.

User Interface Enhancement (Facelift)
NAKIVO Backup & Replication interface has been enhanced to improve user experience with the product. Refer to Web Interface  Components to learn what has been changed.

Backup to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to create Backup Repositories in Wasabi buckets for backing up and storing virtual and physical  machines.

Improvements  增強
Application permissions for Microsoft 365 accounts have been updated. Make sure you make the necessary changes to prevent backup and recovery jobs from failure. Refer to Obtaining Microsoft 365 credentials (item 10) for details.
CentOS v7.0-7.6 support
Linux workstation support
Improvements for Backup to Amazon S3